Hello, welcome to Type and Verse.

This is an on-going experiment in hand lettering the scriptures.

This project started out as a way to connect with God that wasn’t just journaling or following some trendy devotional reading plan. Any kind of Christian teaching about drawing near to God emphasized journalling. Singing. Studying. Praying. None of them were about the arts, except, maybe singing a specific style of music. God is the creator. He makes things. He filled Bezaleel with the Spirit to make things that brought Him glory. The scribes spent hours and hours each day re-writing scripture. I wanted to be a part of an ancient way of engaging with God that had less to do with consumption of spiritual fads and more with creation and meditation.

I connect with God through creating art and meditating on each Psalm. These Psalms have become my prayers. I’m still putting out a Psalm as often as I can, but I’m interested in creating a community of artists to join me in lettering scripture on a regular basis. If you’re interested in joining this community and submitting regularly, please check out the submit page.

Thanks for taking a look around and I hope you enjoy what you see.

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