Type and verse is a curated community of artists who create lettered pieces of scripture. Calligraphers, typographers, and hand letterers are all welcome to submit.

Submit by emailing me at


Please submit images at least 1200px wide (the height is up to you) and 72dpi, along with the scripture that inspired your piece and any other relevant information such as title, hashtags, or hyperlinks to your site. Your submission will be posted on this website, the newletter and the Type and Verse tumblr blog.


You retain all the rights to your work, I’m just featuring your work. I won’t be selling your submitted work anywhere.

Feel free to submit any scripture or format you’d like. I’m going to be continuing through the psalms as part of my personal project but don’t be afraid to tackle a psalm if you want. Any dimension is fine, so don’t feel limited to the formatting that you see displayed.

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